Fairness Opinions

A service closely related to a business valuation is the fairness opinion. When a business entity is involved in a merger, acquisition, ESOP transaction or when a public company goes private, a fairness opinion provides a level of assurance that the transaction is fair to all parties involved. The valuation team at Herbein provides fairness opinions that discuss price, terms and unique characteristics of a transaction that impact the economics of a deal.

While no federal laws or government agencies strictly require fairness opinions, they are widely considered a best practice and an effective risk management tool. Given by an independent and experienced professional, fairness opinions offer a shield against shareholder dissention by speaking to the financial fairness of a deal.

The valuation team at Herbein has the expertise to issue fairness opinions to shareholders, fiduciaries, ESOP participants and special committees appointed by boards of directors. For more information, we invite you to call or contact us for a free consultation.