Forensic and Fraud Examinations

Herbein + Company, Inc. has extensive litigation support, investigative accounting and expert testimony experience. Our team is comprised of professionals that communicate effectively, have the forensic accounting experience needed, and the ability to convey complex financial issues in a clear, concise manner to litigants, counsel, judges and juries.

Each forensic engagement is unique. During an initial meeting we will determine the nature and scope of work and define the extent of the procedures that will be performed.

Forensic Accounting Engagement Phases

  1. Planning – The planning stage involves fact finding, conflict of interest identification, determination of engagement scope, and proposal of fee arrangements.
  2. Investigation – The investigative stage involves obtaining and evaluating financial records, understanding and working in the legal environment, identification and evaluation of fraud exposures, obtaining and inspecting relevant documents, planning and conducting interviews, and evaluation of evidence.
  3. Reporting & Wrap-up – The reporting and wrap-up stage includes the preparation of the investigative findings in an appropriate form of reporting, face to face communication of the findings with the client and their attorney, preparation of and for expert testimony as circumstances may warrant.

Additional services may include:
  • Investigating financial statement fraud
  • Investigating tax, healthcare and bankruptcy frauds
  • Investigating employee theft
  • Investigating check kiting
  • Tracing money or assets
  • Determining the reasonableness of insurance claims